Selling & Monetization

Sell products & services using webinars and video

Convert prospects into customers with engaging webinar and video content. Build automated sales funnels that generate business without incremental work.

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Communicate Value

Nothing communicates the value of your product more effectively than an immersive presentation.

Generate Meetings & Sales

Drive viewers to action, using Pop-up Offers to convert people right there, live in your webinar.

Automate Your Business

Run your webinar on auto-pilot, so it generates business for you around the clock.

Communicate Value

Selling a product or service online? You need a webinar.

What happens when website visitors aren't ready to purchase? Do they leave? Instead of accepting that half of your traffic will be wasted, why not give the crowd that isn't ready to buy more information? By communicating value with your webinar, you can convert more people from unsure to interested.

Generate Sales

Use Offers to convert viewers into meetings, or even sales

Popping-up offers at the right time inside your webinar drives visitors to take the next step. Book a demo, coaching call, or strategy call. Or even make a sale, right there in the webinar.

Nelson Education integrated BigMarker and Stripe into their workflow to monetize their webinars.
Collect Data from your Audience

Capture valuable data to optimize your funnel

Use Lead Forms, Polls, and Q&A in your webinars and videos to make them more engaging while collecting valuable data. Push data instantly to your CRM.

The Crowd gave crowdfunding investors the ability to ask startups questions live before deciding whether to invest in their companies.

Integrate with your favorite email and marketing automation tools

Deep, native integrations with ActiveCampaign, Drip, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more push all the data you generate with webinars to the platforms you use to drive your business.

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Automate your Business

Let your content work for you. Drive business while you sleep.

When you configure evergreen and on-demand webinars to communicate your message and deliver the right offer, they do the heavy lifting for you, generating leads, appointments, and sales around the clock.

Homesnap reallocated the time it used to spend delivering repetitive content, giving the team more time to focus on actually selling.

Features built to help entrepreneurs monetize content and expertise

BigMarker is thoughtfully built to fit into the workflow you're already using to grow your business, from generating leads, to driving sales, to delivering services to customers.

Embeddable Forms

Register people for your webinars on your website. Push people into automated demos. Use webinars and video as lead magnets.

Embeddable Videos

Bring the interactive features of webinars to your videos. Capture leads, popup polls, offers, and handouts, and even capture Q&A.

Landing Page Builder

Create customized, on-brand landing pages for each of your webinars and videos, with lead capture and email rules built in.

Email Campaigns

Trigger automated emails to follow-up with video viewers or webinar attendees based on a pre-defined set of actions.


Leverage automation: pre-record content and host it Evergreen, so people can join it as if it's happening live, 24-7-365.

Slack Integration

Conveniently answer questions from prospects in real-time as they're engaging with your webinar and video content.

The BigMarker Platform

Powerful products, working together

One BigMarker account gives you an entire toolkit to build your audience and drive them down the funnel using webinars and video.

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