Live Audience Experience

Purpose-built virtual audience experiences that break the mold.

On other platforms, every webcast is exactly the same. Only BigMarker helps marketers, event producers, and learning designers differentiate by providing bespoke experiences to their exact design specifications.

Break free from templates

Only BigMarker gives you complete control over the entire audience experience, including features, layouts and visual design.

customize for your use case

Create purpose-built interfaces for webinars, trainings and customer conferences, to optimize the product based on your goals.

configurable features

Choose the right interactive data capture features, including chat, Q&A, polls, surveys, offers, certificates of completion.

Webinars & Webcasts

Webinar Experiences tailor-made for strategic demand gen. programs

Create purpose-built interfaces for webinars and webcasts, featuring the content and interactive features you need to accomplish your demand generation goals, without being locked into a one-size-fits-all interface.  

Live Streaming

Live streaming Experiences that give your brand center stage

Create dynamic live streaming experiences for conferences, festivals, and other large-scale events. Reach a global audience by incorporating accessibility features such as a live sign language channel, closed captions, and live translation.


eLearning Experiences for continuing & Higher Ed.

Create purpose-built interfaces for eLearning applications such as professional development and continuing education credit courses. Incorporate attendance monitoring, multi-tasking prevention, assessments, and custom branded certificates of completion.

Top Audience experience Features

complete design control

Customize every aspect of the live audience experience, choosing the right features and layout, without being locked into templates.

interactive Built-in

Integrate chat, live Q&A, polls, assessments, or other interactive capabilities, all of which are native to the core platform.

Built for Data Capture

Every session, every interaction, and every click is tracked and pushed to CRM/MAS integrations that actually work.

Lightning-fast performance

BigMarker's audience experience is lightning fast for every attendee, on every device, in any browser, worldwide.

Enterprise scalability

In 2010, BigMarker pioneered live streaming on the web. Our proprietary, full-stack platform leads the industry in scalability.

Enterprise-grade analytics

Detailed reporting tells you which content performs the best and which audience members are the most engaged.

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