Webinar & Event Marketing

Powerful marketing tools, built-in

BigMarker gives you more than just the software to host webinars. It also gives you the tools you need to promote your content, customize the audience experience, and drive engagement.

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Customize End-to-End

Customize what your audience sees before, during, and after engaging with your webinar or event, creating thoughtful touch points that build your brand.

Landing Pages, Emails & Follow-ups

Manage the entire webinar and video marketing workflow from a single platform, with landing pages, emails, and CRM/MAS integrations built in.

Capture Data & Drive Results

Capture data and drive action before, during, and after live events, and on a continuous basis with on-demand and evergreen content. Capture data in one place.

Built-in Landing Pages

Customize audience-facing landing pages

Each webinar or video you host with BigMarker gets its own audience-facing landing page, where you can control branding, design, lead forms, paywalls and privacy settings.

Built-in Emails

Customize email invites, reminders, and follow-ups

Each webinar or video you host on BigMarker gets its own email management dashboard, where you can configure and schedule the right email flow for your audience.

Northwestern University increased its live webinar show-up rate by 50% after switching to BigMarker.
Embeddable Lead Forms

Use webinars and videos as powerful lead magnets

Embeddable registration forms and pop-up forms give you every opportunity to generate leads. Inside your webinars and videos, use polls, surveys, and calls to action to capture more data and push leads down the funnel.

Simulive & Evergreen Webinars

Automate marketing with simulive & evergreen webinars

Simulive webinars enable you to run webinars on auto-pilot. Pre-record content, program polls and offers to deploy at predefined times, and let your webinars run themselves. Evergreen webinars are simulive webinars that run anytime an attendee hits your landing page, making them a powerful marketing and sales automation tool.


Track, measure, and optimize everything

Every moment watched, each click, and every action are tracked and reported on, so you know exactly which viewers are your hottest leads, most engaged customers, or best learners.


Integrate with your CRM, MAS, email & analytics platforms

Use native integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua and more to send attendee data straight to your system of record and empower sales teams to follow up more quickly and accurately.

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Marketing Features

Landing Pages

Each webinar, virtual event, or video you host with BigMarker gets its own audience-facing landing page.

Email Invitations

Send email invitations to drive traffic to your webinar or event. Customize emails with control over branding and content.

Transactional Emails

Configure and schedule the right email sequence for your audience, including confirmation and reminder emails.

Embeddable Forms

Embed registration forms into your website to promote and capture leads from your webinars and videos.

Simulive Webinars

Run webinars on autopilot with pre-recorded content, polls, and offers that trigger right on time without you being there.

Surveys & Data Capture

Capture data from attendees including polls and post-webinar surveys. Push data to your CRM or MAS automatically.

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