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Launch your own online community platform

Build an exclusive public or private professional network for your audience, customer base, or industry group.

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Host & Manage Your Platform

Build an online community that's uniquely yours. Own everything: the member journey, branding, and most importantly, the data.

Powerful Networking

Create value for your community by giving members the ability to forge powerful, relevant connections driven by common interests.

Customize the Experience

From networking, to messaging, video chat, videos, webinars, events, breakouts and more, choose how you want to foster community.

Your Community Platform

Own the branding & experience, end-to-end

Unlike the many one-size-fits-all platforms out there, BigMarker enables you to build a community platform that's uniquely yours. Own the branding, customize the interface, and provide the elevated experience your audience deserves.


Your own exclusive professional network

Give your community a place to connect. Customize onboarding, capture data, and enable AI-powered recommendations, so people can connect with the most relevant people.

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Built-in Video Chat

Empower members to make valuable connections

Once members of your community connect, they can chat, book meetings with each other, and meet live on-platform using built-in video chat.


Integrate with your favorite CRM, marketing & email platforms

Use native integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua and more to send attendee data straight to your system of record and empower sales teams to follow up more quickly and accurately.

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Content Hub

Distribute content to keep people coming back

Adding a Media Hub to your online community platform gives people a reason to keep coming back. By hosting content, communication, and networking on the same platform, you can create an exclusive destination for your community.

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Subscriptions Built-in

Monetize your community with subscriptions

Create different subscription tiers to allow users to opt-in to exclusive community content while driving a new revenue stream for your content and community marketing efforts.

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