Event Badging & Scanning

Event badging & lead retrieval for modern event experiences

Create a remarkable in-person event experience with a unified on-site check-in, badge printing, scanning & lead retrieval solution.

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On-Demand Badge Printing

Pre-print 100% customizable badges with event branding, then print attendee information and QR codes on-site, on-demand during check-in.

Self-Service Check-in

Delight attendees with a smooth, seamless check-in process. Attendees can check-in, collect their badge, and enter your event within a matter of seconds.

Exhibitor Lead Retrieval

BigMarker's Badge Scanner App can not only be used by event organizers to scan attendees into sessions, but it can also be used by exhibitors to generate leads.

On-Demand Badge Printing

Beautiful branded badges, printed on-demand

Print high-quality, highly-customized event badges in full-color and with full branding control. By printing badges on-demand, you can accommodate changes to attendee names and other information on-site.

Self-Service Check-in

Provide a seamless check-in experience

Attendees simply walk up to check-in kiosks, confirm the spelling of their name, job title, and company, and then proceed to print their badge. The whole process takes under ten seconds, providing a delightful first impression.

SPC Impact called BigMarker's check-in experience the smoothest ever in the history of its annual conference.
Access Management

Manage access by scanning attendees into sessions

BigMarker's Badge Scanner app can be used by event organizers to scan attendees into sessions, enabling access management for closed sessions, attendee-level session analytics, and capacity management.

Session Capacity Management

Notify attendees when sessions are full

Notify attendees when sessions are nearing capacity, so they know to hurry up if they want to get a seat. You can also tell attendees which sessions will be streamed & recorded, giving them the option to tune-in from their phone if they can't join in-person.

Exhibitor Lead Retrieval

Give exhibitors the ability to generate, annotate, and export leads

Exhibitors can scan attendee QR codes to capture lead data. After scanning each lead, expo booth staff can add a lead score and notes, view a list of all leads generated, and export the list at the end of the show.

Top Badge Printing & Scanning Features

On-Demand Badge Printing

Print beautiful badges on-site, complete with full event branding, attendee names, companies, and unique QR codes.

Attendee Check-in

Provide a smooth and seamless check-in process, where attendees can quickly verify their information and collect their badge.

Access Management

Manage access to closed sessions by scanning in attendees to ensure only those who have pre-registered can enter.

Capacity Management

Manage session capacity, ensuring that rooms stay under fire code capacity. Notify attendees when sessions are filling up via the mobile app.

Exhibitor Lead Retrieval

Enable exhibitors to generate leads by scanning attendee QR codes, adding notes and lead scores, and exporting their list.

Attendee-Level Analytics

Scanning attendees into sessions and expo booths enables event organizers to generate detailed attendee-level analytics.

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