November 2023 Product Updates


This month, we added several new features to optimize webinar and event hosting functionality and maximize attendee engagement on BigMarker.

This month, we added several new features to optimize webinar and event hosting functionality and maximize attendee engagement on BigMarker. Read on to catch up on everything we’ve shipped this month: 

Big Announcements

Quiz Your Audience with Assessments

Measure attendee knowledge and comprehension of the content shared in your webinars and events with Assessments, a new way to share quizzes on BigMarker.

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New Ways to Customize Events

Track and Manage Unique Video View Duration on Any Custom Page

Set your custom courses up for success with this exciting update. Now, you can track on-demand video watch times down to the second to accurately measure engagement and unique views.

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Stream in Vertical Video to Enhance Mobile-First Audience Experiences 

Planning mobile-friendly webinar and event content has never been easier. Now, you can choose to stream content in vertical video to add a polished look to your stream layout for mobile attendees.

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Design your own custom hybrid audience engagement page for in-person events

Insert custom code to create a beautifully branded page for attendees to scan during live Q&A segments in your next in-person event.

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Platform Enhancements 

Simplify the Admin Experience with Streamlined Studio Camera Enhancements

Our latest update to the Studio makes it easier than ever for an event admin to manage presenters and troubleshoot issues. With this new update, an admin can easily see which stage a presenter is on, move them seamlessly from one stage to another - or move them to and from the Green Room to ensure they’re ready for their presentation.

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Introducing Detailed Handout Reports

Now, you can access a granular breakdown of how attendees interacted with and downloaded handouts during your webinars and events in a separate report to provide the most in-depth breakdown of handout engagement throughout your sessions.

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Add a Custom Script to Your On-Demand Player to Track Conversions on Any Video

Track all your content from start to finish with this reporting update. Conversion tracking is now possible with a simple insertion of custom JavaScript for any on-demand webinar on BigMarker.

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Up Next

Streamline Form Responses with Response Mapping

Aggregate, translate & sort response variants in your registration data with response mapping, allowing you to streamline the information passed to your CRM and better organize the dataset.

Optimize Corporate Video Streaming with eCDN

Using our Enterprise Content Delivery Network, or eCDN, takes the burden of streaming to a vast number of viewers off your internal network. 

Practice Content Before Going Live with Rehearsals

Run through webinars ahead of their scheduled go-live dates with Rehearsal Webinars, a fresh take on presentation preparation that allows you to maintain all settings in one location and URL.

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