January 2024 Product Updates


This month, we added several new features to optimize webinar and event hosting functionality and maximize attendee engagement on BigMarker.

Big Announcements

Streamline Form Responses with Data Mapping

Consolidate the potential variants of audience responses into a single, unified set of values, allowing you to ensure uniformity and integrity of first-party data prior to passing it to your CRM or MAS system.

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New Ways to Customize Events

Certificates of Completion can now be further customized

It's now possible to add multiple Certificates of Completion to your webinars or series. Additionally, you can further customize certificates with even more webinar criteria to create a more robust offering for attendees.

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Experience enhanced search and filtering tools in Mobile App Networking Center

You can now set a specific filter in the Mobile App Networking Center. This enhanced functionality allows you to search and connect with fellow attendees using criteria like industry or attended sessions.

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Platform Enhancements 

Send a pending approval email to webinar or event registrants

Create a registration pending approval email for delivery to all attendees who register for your next event or webinar, allowing you easy access to attendee registration approval and tracking.

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Completely remove registration data from your channel

You can now easily and permanently remove registrant data from your entire channel for a specific user or users.

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Optimize Corporate Video Streaming with eCDN

Using our Enterprise Content Delivery Network, or eCDN, takes the burden of streaming to a vast number of viewers off your internal network.

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Up Next

Practice Content Before Going Live with Rehearsals

Run through webinars ahead of their scheduled go-live dates with Rehearsal Webinars, a fresh take on presentation preparation that allows you to maintain all settings in one location and URL.

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