Data Mapping

Standardize audience responses across sources with Data Mapping

Consolidate the potential variants of audience responses into a single, unified set of values, allowing you to ensure uniformity and integrity of first-party data prior to passing it to your CRM or MAS system.

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Map all potential audience responses to a single customer database entry

When you capture first-party data via registration forms, polls, and surveys, Data Mapping enables you to unify all responses into a standard structure so the information is clean when it’s passed to any downstream systems. For example, you can unify both "VP" and "Vice President" into "VP," or "UK" and "United Kingdom" into "UK."

Create Data Maps for commonly-captured customer data

Avoid inconsistency in the values of your customer data fields. By mapping different formats of all potential responses to a similar question, you can keep things consistent and make customer information easier to manage.

Map similar responses to a single database entry to keep CRM data clean

Standardize response options to a consistent enterprise-wide dataset or schema. Empower different teams to ask the same question differently across, while ensuring that all data captured aligns with the structure your organization needs to make decisions.

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