Onboarding & Training

Quickly onboard customers, employees, and partners

Don't just tell people: show them. BigMarker's media-rich, interactive webinar and video software helps you share knowledge, capture feedback, and drive action.

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Automate Training

Create an automated onboarding engine that brings customers, employees, and partners up to speed quickly.

Make It Interactive

Use Polls, Q&A, Surveys, and Pop-ups to assess understanding, capture feedback, and field questions.

Measure Results

Track each and every click. Report on outcomes. Push data to your LMS, HRM, or other system.

Customer Onboarding

Drive adoption by giving your customers the tools they need

Provide training that empowers customers to become experts in your product or service. Give them the skills to master your solution and become loyal advocates.

Capture One onboards customers of its advanced photo editing platform 2x faster
Automate Training

Onboard more people, without more work

Automate onboarding and training with evergreen and on-demand webinars. Send new users, employees, or partners through the right sequence of events to transfer knowledge, assess what they learned, and push them to the next step.

Always Available

Multiple ways to engage. Always interactive. Available 24-7.

Whether you're using live, evergreen, or on-demand webinars, BigMarker gives you many ways to engage your audience, and make your content available to them
around the clock.

Waze leveraged live, evergreen and on-demand webinars to onboard partners worldwide in the largest public-private partnership to make our roads safer.
White Labeled Portals & Microsites

Build a Training Portal, Microsite, or Online University

Add Interactive to your learning stack. Build customized portals or microsites. Create a Customer, Employee, or Partner University to train people inside or outside of your organization.

Clearcover built an Agent Resource Center to standardize and automate insurance agent onboarding, nationwide.
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Professional Development

Give your people the content they need to grow

Your BigMarker account comes with a channel, where your webinar and video content lives. Sharing your channel is sharing your organization's collective brain.

The ITA helped scale the Chicago tech community by helping startups build skills to grow.

Flexibility for every learning environment

Each BigMarker webinar type and feature helps you confidently deliver content, assess understanding, and delight your audience with engaging programming.

Live Training

Conduct live video-based online classes and training with up to 5,000 people in your own customized webinar room.

On-Demand Training

Pre-record sessions and make them available on-demand in your own embeddable, customizable video player.

Evergreen Training

Conduct simu-live training: pre-recorded content that re-plays continuously in a real-time webinar room, just like it's live.

Interactive Features

Engage your audience with Chat & Q&A. Share handouts. Capture data with Polls. Drive action with Pop-up Offers.

Assessment & Certificates

Assess what your audience knows before & after your content is delivered with single question polls or embedded quizzes.


Track every click. Report on every action. Know who completes sections, what content works, and what doesn't.

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