Create Customer Value

Create a powerful, automated lead generation engine that drives demand and continuously fills the top of your funnel.

Stay Relevant

Capture rich prospect data by embedding Forms, Polls, Q&A, Surveys, and more into your webinars and videos.

Foster Community

Push more prospects down the funnel: book more meetings, drive greater adoption, and even drive more sales.

Create Customer Value

Use webinars to make your customers more successful

Creating a product is no longer enough. Customers also expect us to share the playbook for using the tools we make for them, helping them to achieve the outcomes we promise.

Oracle's Service Cloud team transformed customer support from reactive to proactive using webinars designed to anticipate issues before they happen.
Stay Relevant

Give customers a reason to stay engaged & share your content

Well-produced webinars and videos give your customers a great reason to keep in touch and even share your content, growing your brand even faster.

Northwestern created a webinar series that's helped thousands of alumni navigate their careers, while staying connected with the university.
Foster Community

The most valuable companies build communities.

Pop-up Polls, Q&A, and Surveys in your webinars and videos to make them more engaging while collecting valuable data. Push the data to your CRM instantly so everyone that should see it, does.

Capture One built a vibrant community of professional photographers, while also driving adoption of its advanced photo editing platform.

Designed to drive engagement

Top to bottom, each BigMarker feature helps you generate and nurture leads, drive prospects to action, and onboard and engage happy customers.

Co-Present with Guests

Invite customers to join a panel of guest presenters, giving them satisfaction of being thought leaders among their peers.

Host a Vibrant Q&A

During your webinars, open up Q&A to allow attendees to submit questions. Anyone can upvote, so the best ones rise to the top.

Invite Anyone On Stage

Invite the attendees who asked the best questions on stage to engage with the presenters live, fostering an intimate experience.

Host a Public Chat

If you want to maximize engagement, you can open up Public Chat, allowing attendees to participate in a live chat room.

Gather Valuable Data

Use polls to ask questions, or embed a longer-form survey. Use the results to inform your next best action with each customer.

CRM Integration

Integrate with your CRM, so every piece of data gets pushed from the webinar directly to the customer's profile.

The BigMarker Platform

Powerful products, working together

One BigMarker account gives you an entire toolkit to build your audience and drive them down the funnel using webinars and video.

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