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Create an extraordinary production that operates smoothly with BigMarker's free Run of Show (ROS) template.

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What's Inside?

Events are like a symphony: Every instrument needs to work together to create a masterpiece. And when someone's out of tune, it's glaringly obvious to the audience.

So if your team doesn’t know who is responsible for what task, and when, your team could make costly errors and you could lose attendees.

How can you ensure everything gets done at the right time? Use a clear run-of-show chart. This serves as a one-stop-shop containing timelines and central resources for key event information — so everyone on your team is empowered to execute a successful event.

With our downloadable run-of-show template, you can:

  • Schedule and track each element of your event to ensure a smooth flow and satisfying attendee experience
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to team members to maximize efficiency
  • Maintain visibility throughout your event team and minimize costly mistakes

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