Why do people choose BigMarker?
We asked our customers.

With all the software choices out there, and many companies paying subscriptions for multiple products, we asked our customers why they chose (and continue to stick with) BigMarker. Hundreds responded. Here's what they said...

Before BigMarker, customers paid too much for software that didn't really work, and definitely didn't scale.

"I used to stream my webinars with another platform, but the limitations were killing me."

Rolando V, Marketing Executive

"We were limited before by WebEx and Adobe, which are far less convenient for my clients."

Jay T, Professional Coach

"I've tried other platforms but found they all missed one or more features."

Bimbisara P, Founder, Marketing Agency

"Anytime we went over 100 attendees on our previous platform, quality would take a nose dive."

Jake B, Marketing Director, Software Company

"I've spent a lot of time with other webinar software setting it up, working out bugs, getting everything ready to go, and then it still has issues when I go to use it."

Kevin W, Entertainment Industry Executive

"The other webinar platforms are much more complex and less reliable than BigMarker."

Robert H, Founder, eLearning Company

97% of customers say they would recommend BigMarker to a friend or colleague. Here's why:

"I was up and running quickly with my first paid live webinar. It was much faster than learning other webinar systems."

Kelly M, President, e-Learning Company

"BigMarker helps me in prospecting with potential clients, it definitely helps the trust process. BigMarker helps me look good!"

Shade O, Freelancer

"BigMarker is the best webinar software on the market. It is a must-have tool."

Eko P, Co-Founder, Technology Company

"BigMarker has replaced three other tools I was using. Moving to BigMarker is one of the best business decisions I've ever made."

Sharon W, President, People Development Company

"BigMarker is the solution we settled on after going through a lot of other webinar hosting platforms. The biggest pro is that it just works. Flawlessly."

Lakshay B, Technology Consultant

"Zoom and GoToMeeting cannot touch the capabilities of this software. BigMarker is continuing to improve on every front!"

Verified Reviewer on Capterra

"BigMarker is the best at innovation. They were the first not to require a download for the user to attend a webinar. They do a great job marrying community to webinars."

Alana J, CEO, E-Learning Company

"As a language education provider, we host a lot of webinars and we tried a lot of platforms. This is the smoothest, most easy to use, most stable platform we have tried so far."

Tommy S, Founder & CEO, Learning Company

"BigMarker has all the types of webinars you would ever want in a single system, including evergreen and on-demand webinars. You also get meeting rooms! I do meetings with clients on a regular basis and this has been invaluable."

Jamie K., Digital Marketer

"I've had good success using BigMarker with clients and colleagues. Video and sound quality are excellent. The team is responsive to user feedback and regularly releases new features. This company is not standing still."

David M, Founder, Software Company

"BigMarker is really easy to setup. The streams are stable and the video and audio quality are really good. Streaming to Facebook and YouTube is a great way to get more reach. If there are any issues, just contact their support - they are extremely helpful and always there.

Michael P, CEO, Technology Company

"We were looking for something easy to manage and affordable. We tried many and finally selected BigMarker and I can say, it was a wise decision. BigMarker is an excellent companion to host webinars with customers and prospects.

Verified Reviewer on GetApp

"Great experience. Everything runs smoothly and I really like the fact that they have an active development team that continues to add awesome new features."

John H, CEO, e-Learning Company

"I love the ease of the automated webinars. I record the first one (live) and then have it play back and Slack me the Q&A without me having to go teach my courses live every time. This is a HUGE benefit for me."

L. Knox, Chief Tax Officer, Global Accounting Firm

"BigMarker is a fantastic product with one of the best support teams I've worked with. If you're looking for an alternative to WebEx or Adobe Connect to produce and monetize webinars for education, you can't go wrong with BigMarker."

Jay T, Professional Coach

"I love BigMarker because it is a one stop solution for live, on-demand, and automated webinars. Also, it enables me to run a video when people are waiting for the webinar. It's an excellent platform!"

Akshay G, Executive, Global Consulting Firm

"This is THE webinar software for creative professionals. The branding options are so granular down to the webinar footer, colors, and emails...it's spectacular."

Aisha S, Creative Director, Marketing Agency

"It can do everything and support is very helpful too. Chat is always on and someone manning it. You can get a demo walkthrough any time, to help you learn how to use it effectively."

Verified Reviewer on Capterra

"It's so easy to set up. The platform is very intuitive and well-organized. Anyone can get a webinar up and running in less than a few minutes. BigMarker has thought about all the details to get your webinar exactly the way you want it. I loved the fact that email reminders are so customizable. I could make it look on-brand in no time. I'm super happy with the software."

Heather D, Founder, eLearning Company

"The functionality, dependability and feature list are what makes BigMarker stand-out in a crowded field. We started doing customer focused education webinars, and we're able to integrate this into a paid online learning platform with technical ease. BigMarker now forms the foundation of our entire online educational operations."

William M, CEO, Digital Media Company

"BigMarker covers the whole process from signup to followup. Uploading content in advance, and RMTP into Facebook are great features. We support customers with a mix of skills and they all love our webinars."

Verified Reviewer on Capterra

"I am very happy with BigMarker and use it regularly. It is feature packed and is regularly updated and improved. I've tried other platforms but found they all missed one or more features."

Bimbisara P, Founder, Marketing Agency

"We use BigMarker to educate our clients and to run in-house trainings. The tool has helped build brand visibility by positioning us as thought leaders. It has also served as a medium to run trainings more efficiently without having people who are geographically spread out to do anything more than log in to their systems."

Brian T, Senior Partner, Management Consulting

"BigMarker makes hosting webinars and online meetings super easy and I never have to worry that someone is going to need hand holding. It works brilliantly out of the box. There are so many things to love - It's reliable, allows for customization that always impresses my clients, and the customer support is second to none."

Amanda C, President, Biotechnology Company

"When I found BigMarker, I was able to cancel my other services. BigMarker is cheaper and is gives unlimited bandwidth (that alone is game changer) and much more. So I'm saving money and getting a better service."

Rolando V, Marketing Executive

"I've tried multiple webinar softwares and settled on BigMarker due to their rich features, modern platform, integrations and competitive pricing."

Chris D, Digital Marketer

"I need something that is stable, dependable, easy-to-use, with the ability to maximize my interaction with audience members before & after webinars. BigMarker delivers on every one of these."

Leonard C, eLearning Consultant

"The team at BigMarker have been able to deliver a product that is nearly second to none. They continue to take user feedback and are forever building strategies to improve the software. That's what I love the most."

Jonathan E, Marketing Consultant

"BigMarker is the best and easiest webinar software that I have used. It just works. I use it to talk face to face with clients. The no download ease of use has been a lifesaver."

Kevin W, Entertainment Industry Executive

"We were looking to run occasional workshops for our network and BigMarker has been great for that use. We can collect email addresses, charge for admission if we want, create landing pages. This is a really well thought out system."

Jeffery P, Marketing Consultant

"I use BigMarker for webinars and meetings with clients. It saves me a lot of time, and automated reminder emails increase show-up rates."

Verified Reviewer on Capterra

"Awesome features including those expected, as well as the ability to stream to Facebook and YouTube Live! BigMarker is very responsive to user feedback and continually offers new features. Awesome support"

Patrick F, CEO, Health & Wellness Company

"They are SO responsive. I can get customer support late at night! I can do EVERY kind of webinar I could think of with out having to buy multiple webinar platforms. I can do live, recurring, on-demand, webinar series, etc. AND I can do individual one-on-one coaching meetings with my clients."

Catherine D, Owner, eLearning Company

"This webinar software is the best available in the market currently. It is packed with awesome features and has great support team. The webinar series feature is the best part. Very user-friendly interface as well."

Rakhul P, HR Manager

"It's browser based and so there is nothing to download. There are so many options. You name it, it's here. It's got all the bases covered. Evergreen webinars, Facebook / YouTube Live integration, Summits. The rate of updates is really outstanding too."

Nathan W., Founder, Software Company

"I am very pleased with BigMarker, from a presenter's standpoint and from a viewer's standpoint too. I have been on many BigMarker webinars and even attend a weekly live training. So far, everything has gone smoothly!"

Michael K, Owner, eLearning Company

"We use BigMarker for live and automated webinars for sales prospects and to support our client base. Love that each host has our own dedicated meeting room in addition to our shared webinar account."

Eric P., Consultant

"It's got all the features I could ever want as a marketer, the developers are responsive, and my attendees always have a great experience. Oh, and they don't have to download anything to get in!"

Robert H, Founder, eLearning Company

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