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Northwestern Increased its Webinar Show-up Rate by 50% with BigMarker


Northwestern wanted to keep alumni connected to the school, and continue to add value even after students graduate.


The Alumni Association Webinar Series features a weekly talk, for alumni by alumni.


Leveraging BigMarker's conversion-rate optimized tools, Northwestern saw a 50% lift in event attendance rates.

The Northwestern Alumni Association believes in life-long career development to help alumni maintain their professional edge. Its webinar series connects a global alumni base for lifelong learning.

Whether alumni are looking to change careers or just land that first job out of school, the Northwestern Alumni Association has programs to help. One of its most popular programs is its webinar series.

The webinar series provides professional development content across a range of topics, from broad to industry-specific. Ambitiously publishing a session every week, the association has created an incredibly valuable library of content helpful for job seekers, career switchers, new managers, first time ex-pats, and virtually every other situation you can think of.

Diversity of categories including Self-care, Relationships, Career Skills, Communication, and Transitions help alumni navigate the day-to-day, the challenging moments, and the strategic management of long term goals. And diversity of speakers--all alumni, and all experts in their respective fields--keep the series fresh, as no two sessions are the same.

Some of our favorite sessions to date include "We Teach People How to Treat Us" and "The Art of Standing Out without Bragging." Northwestern's content is consistently genuine and immediately useful, providing not only insights, but recommended steps to take to turn insights into action.

Webinars are core to the Alumni Association's goal of providing opportunities for live

"Here at the Northwestern Alumni Association we really try to connect alumni back to Northwestern and connect alumni back to each other and strengthen those relationships through different programming such as lifelong learning programs like our webinar series. In our old platform, about 20% of registrants would actually attend live. With BigMarker, we've seen an attendance increase of about 50%, which is really exciting," says Cassie Petoskey, Northwestern's Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement.

It’s a really easy platform, it’s a really fun platform, it’s really up to date which our alumni really appreciate. Our hosts are excited about how easy BigMarker is to use without having to do much to it. Since it’s easy to host webinars on BigMarker we can do webinars on mental health, we can do something on veterans so we can just hit on more than if we were doing in person events. 
Another unique aspect to BigMarker is that we’ve had great customer support and if I have an issue on a run through, not even a live presentation they can come in, they’re in the space and they can talk to my presenter. I love BigMarker, I tell all my hosts you really should consider this platform.

"In our old platform, about 20% of registrants would actually attend live. With BigMarker, we've seen an attendance increase of about 50%, which is really exciting."

Cassie Petoskey
Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement

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