Case Study

CNBC Hosted an Executive Roundtable Virtual Event Reaching 20k+ People


A world leader in financial and business coverage, CNBC needed to equip a cross-industry audience with management insights to successfully transition to a new way of working.


CNBC's @work is a virtual event series gathering high-profile business leaders to share strategies for creating a modern workplace.


CNBC reached over 20,000 virtual event attendees, creating not just a one-way piece of content, but an immersive, interactive digital experience that contributed to reaching over 1 million unique visitors to its virtual events hub.

CNBC is a world leader in real-time financial market and business coverage. NBC Universal's premier business outlet, the network is renowned among executives for its expertise in providing the latest news and insights across business and finance.

CNBC’s events translate the expertise of their newsroom into in-person and virtual experiences, including relevant and timely discussions with leading CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers. Covering business, innovation, and entrepreneurship, their events provide industry-leading insights and valuable sponsorship opportunities.

CNBC's audience consists of Fortune 500 leaders, investors & financial advisors, elected officials, business owners, entrepreneurs and tech professionals. Combining market and business analysis with actionable insights, CNBC events empower guests to grow their businesses and achieve their financial goals. That results in positive affinity for the CNBC brand and the high-quality journalism it provides.

The Challenge

With the backdrop of shifting demographics and cultural values in the workplace, and following the sudden shift to remote work caused by the global pandemic, CNBC needed to equip its audience with the insights and strategies leaders needed to successfully transition their teams to a completely new working environment.

To achieve this objective, CNBC assembled high-profile, executive-level speakers and attendees from across several time zones, for a thought leadership summit virtual event series.

The Solution

CNBC created the @work Spotlight Series, a series of three-hour web summits gathering high-profile business and financial leaders to discuss and reposition how the workplace functions in a rapidly evolving world with an emphasis on virtual, inclusion, and cultural considerations that have never been more important. @work featured thought leadership geared to organizational leaders, general managers, and human resources executives, with a focus on cross-pollinating insights and sharing workplace strategies across industries.

Virtual event sessions took place on a fully branded main stage featuring executives and board members from Workday, Google, Coca Cola, and Goldman Sachs. Alongside the main stage was an exhibitor hall hosting 30-minute sponsored breakout rooms, with 3-4 happening concurrently to give guests a broad variety of options to choose from.


Capped at three hours per session, the @work Spotlight Series is designed to prevent the burnout that results in attendee drop-off and apathy during some massive multi-day virtual conferences.

With a focused itinerary, intuitive user experience and targeted breakout rooms, the virtual event's efficient structure enabled guests to participate more often and more deeply than they would have at a longer event.

These targeted micro-events are becoming more common among media and financial companies looking to attract C-suite guests and speakers—expect to see more in the years to come.

CNBC's commitment to expertise is reflected in their extraordinary digital reach: their virtual event series has achieved over 20,000 average views on weekly livestreams and 1M unique visitors to CNBC’s Digital Events Hub.

Notable Speakers

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