September Product Updates


Announcing big upgrades to our Virtual Event Dashboard and more!

Summer may be over, but our team’s continuing to ship updates sure to elevate your hosting experience. Read on to learn more about everything we've shipped this month! 

Introducing Our New Virtual Event Dashboard!

We've updated our virtual event dashboard, so that hosts can add and assign presenters to different sessions, manage modules, create and manage sessions, and view session-level analytics all within one interface.  

Note: This virtual event dashboard is currently in Beta. Users should anticipate periodic updates to this platform in the coming weeks. If you have any questions please contact your BigMarker Account Manager or

Hosts Can Now Stream Sessions With Minimal Lag Time:  Live events can now operate on much shorter delays: either 3 seconds with Low Latency Webcast Mode or a 0-1 second delay in webcast mode with our new Real Time Webcast Mode setting. This allows hosts to experience all of the benefits of webcast mode (which is our most accessible mode across all browser and device types) while collecting real time responses from attendees during the session. Learn more about this feature.

Hosts Can Now Stream Live Events On Their Own Sites: It’s your party - host it however you want. Users can now stream live BigMarker events on their website via embeddable live webinar widgets. Hosts can also collect registration and generate leads with these customizable widgets. Learn more about this feature.

Presenters Can Now Keep Their Cameras On When They’re Off-Screen: Host more seamless panel discussions with our new camera upgrades. Presenters can now leave their cameras running in the background even when they are off of the attendees’ views. This way, moderators can take different presenters on and off-screen, without waiting for each one to manually start their camera again. Learn more about this feature.

Attendees Can Now Enter The Waiting Room Immediately After Registration: Hosts now have the option of letting attendees enter the waiting room of their session immediately after they complete registration, instead of waiting until 15-30 minutes before the session starts. With this additional time, hosts can play more video content or sponsored ads for attendees before their session begins. Learn more about this feature. Learn more about this feature.

Hosts Can Now Display 24/7 Webinars On Their Channel Homepages: Previously, hosts of 24/7 webinars needed to manually share access links to their 24/7 sessions with other presenters or attendees to bring them into the session. Now, hosts can display their 24/7 webinars directly on the navigation bar of their channel’s homepage, so guests and presenters can enter the session on their own. Learn more about this feature.

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