November 2022 Product Updates


This month, we added several new features to optimize webinar and event hosting functionality and maximize attendee engagement on BigMarker.

This month, we added several new features to optimize webinar and event hosting functionality and maximize attendee engagement on BigMarker. Read on to catch up on everything we’ve shipped this month: 

New Customizations 

Closed Captions are now available in Interactive Mode

Ease comprehension for your international audience, now available in Interactive Mode. Engage and interact with your audience clearer than ever with real-time closed captioning. 

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Segment analytics and data points with Custom Reports

Transform reporting with Custom Reports, a new way of viewing analytics for your events. These reports are created by you, include the data points and attributes you choose, and display the metrics you use to measure the success of your event. 

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Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Event Hosting Updates 

Add Gamification to your Badge Scanner App

Immerse attendees into your event by incorporating gamification into your Badge Scanner app. Attendees can be awarded points for attending in-person sessions, expo booths, submitting Q&A, and other engagement activities. This fosters  healthy competition as they can check their rank on the Leaderboard.

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Set which sessions to show on the Attendee Companion App Agenda

Choose to display which sessions you would like on your browser and mobile event app. Use this to differentiate between your virtual events and on-site sessions, so attendees can have a clear distinction of  your event’s sessions. 

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Have your audience engage fully with Global Chat

Give your attendees an opportunity to keep the conversation going with Global Chat. This chat bubble goes from session to event module, so attendees can keep having insightful conversations while fostering meaningful connections. 

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Customize your Event Companion App with our Page Designer

Create and design your event’s companion app homepage to fit your brand’s messaging and design. Give it your own twist by adding unique widgets, such as external surveys or your own personal website. 

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New Speed Networking Enhancements

Foster more engagement between your attendees with enhanced speed networking. Enhancements include:

  • Speed Networking available in Round tables, which generates multiple rooms for attendees to network with each other
  • A timer to give all attendees equal opportunity to connect with each other
  • A new setting that allows attendees to network with new attendees in addition to their current connections

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Integration Updates and Upgrades 

Introducing BigMarker’s HubSpot App Integration

In response to HubSpot sunsetting API keys for all direct integrations, we've rolled out our own Private App within HubSpot, a new method for authenticating your integration. This new private app allows you to continue your integration use while maintaining the same great features and functionality. 

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View Comprehensive reports of your Email Campaigns

View which of your email recipient’s received their emails, who clicked on the email and more with our Email analytics. Track your campaign’s effectiveness by getting insight into how well they performed, in-real time, for all of your events. 

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Up Next

Prep for your presentation in the Green Room

Coming soon: Presenters and hosts can enter Green Room, a separate off stage space within the webinar or event. This backstage area gives the opportunity to practice presentation slides, test operating systems, and check cameras and microphones work properly before going on-stage. 

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