June 2023 Product Updates


This month, we added several new features to optimize webinar and event hosting functionality and maximize attendee engagement on BigMarker.

This month, we added several new features to optimize webinar and event hosting functionality and maximize attendee engagement on BigMarker. Read on to catch up on everything we’ve shipped this month: 

New Customizations 

Email Notifications for Q&A

Set an admin’s email address to receive notifications when a question is submitted to a webinar. This feature is especially useful for Evergreen Webinars that are always open but don’t have an admin or a presenter in the room at all times.

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Generate personalized tickets for each registrant and attach them to confirmation emails 

Send out event tickets and receipts with ease using the new custom email attachment feature. Simply configure your custom, personalized attachments and send them in your scheduled confirmation email.

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Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Event Hosting Updates 

Customize Your Check-in Flow with the Scanner App

Admins can customize the flow of their event’s check-in process in the Scanner App and add questions to gather more audience data, change the order of screens in the app, and remove/add pages for badges before printout.

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Integration Updates and Upgrades 

Create Custom Objects in HubSpot

 In addition to integrating lists in HubSpot, you can now integrate the custom objects you’ve created in HubSpot with BigMarker.

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Blur your background during your next webinar or meeting

Along with setting a virtual background or video of your choice, you can now blur your background as well, keeping the focus on you during your meeting or webinar.

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Onsite check-in dataflow update to automatically push data to CRM

When onsite attendees check-in for your hybrid or in-person event, this feature enhancement updates onsite check-in status automatically in your CRM of choice.

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Pre-Loaded Handouts now available in recordings

Now, you don't have to upload your files in two different places. When a handout file is uploaded to the pre-load section & shared in the live room, it will automatically be available in the handouts section of the recording player.

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Agenda Uploader Tool

Rather than building each session on your event’s agenda manually, you can now upload a .CSV file of your agenda to instantly create all your sessions for your virtual, hybrid, or in-person event in one fell swoop.

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New Tokens Added for Emails

Several new Tokens have been added for use in your event emails, including the addition of a QR code image along with Venue Name & location.

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Closed Captioning Updated Instructions

We’ve updated our instructions on how to display closed captions in On-Demand and Evergreen Webinars.

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Up Next

Response Mapping Update

Channel admins can utilize this feature to map responses from upstream data capture points, like attendee registration forms, polls, and surveys, into unified data so it’s consistent when passed downstream to the BigMarker Contact Record and/or to any downstream systems (CRM/MAS).

Get everyone on screen during your event with 1500 Cameras Mode

Let everyone share their faces and engage with one another with our newest streaming mode: 1500 Cameras Mode. Attendees can form better connections with one another and everyone can actively participate and engage amongst everyone.

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