July 2023 Product Updates


This month, we added several new features to optimize webinar and event hosting functionality and maximize attendee engagement on BigMarker.

This month, we added several new features to optimize webinar and event hosting functionality and maximize attendee engagement on BigMarker. Read on to catch up on everything we’ve shipped this month: 

Big Announcements

Introducing Support for 10,000+ Cameras

Connect face-to-face with your live audience in your next meeting, town hall or AMA. Unlock access for anyone to share a camera allowing 10,000+ cameras at once. 

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Boost your webinar’s engagement with Discussion Mode

Engage & connect with your audience using Discussion mode - a new way to collaborate. Participants can now truly interact with you, and each other, during your presentation. Fostering dynamic discussions and boosting your overall audience engagement.

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Localize your custom landing pages with multiple different languages in your key geographies

Custom Landing Pages now have the ability to support multiple languages. Provide multiple pieces of translation for the same text, and choose which you’d like to display on your Custom Landing Page based on your global audience.

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Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Event Hosting Updates 

Create a Waitlist for your next event to manage overflow with ease

Now, you don’t have to miss out on eager guests hoping to snag a ticket to your event. Simply set a limit on the number of registrants accepted and collect overflow on your waitlist to approve or deny access when the time is right.

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Pause or switch Your RTMP feed without disturbing your presentation

It's is now possible to easily and seamlessly switch from your RTMP stream to a direct video, slide deck, or live camera feed any time during your live session. Instead of having to turn off your RTMP stream off-platform, you can leave it active in the background while you display other content.

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Share any custom event or webinar report externally

Share any custom event or webinar report with external individuals regardless of their BigMarker admin status. In addition, we’ve made it easier than ever to create a truly custom report by adding the ability to reorder columns and prioritize the data that might matter to your target audience most.

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Give your attendees the ability to register for multiple events or webinars when they register for a series

Instead of your attendees spending their time manually registering for multiple events, create a custom registration field and allow them to efficiently register for all events at the same time.

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