July 2021 Product Updates


Stream sessions in China and download transcripts for on-demand sessions.

This month, our team's been busy at work creating new features that will further improve our host and attendee experience.

Read on to learn about each of these updates, then follow the links for instructions on implementing them (when applicable).

You Can Now Stream Sessions in China: BigMarker hosts on enterprise plans can now stream sessions to audiences in China. If you’re interested in hosting China-based virtual events or webinars, please contact your BigMarker Account Manager to learn more. 

You Can Now Download Transcripts For On-Demand Webinars: BigMarker hosts can now download text transcripts of BigMarker. This helps hosts repurpose their content more efficiently, while helping audiences cement their understanding of the session’s message.

Transcripts are available in 10 different languages, including English, German, Spanish and Japanese. (Note: This feature is reserved for enterprise customers only.) 

Learn more about activating this feature here:

You Can Now Conduct Private Chats in Separate Tabs: Presenters and attendees can now conduct private chats in separate tabs within the webinar room interface. This ensures that participants can see and respond to incoming messages more quickly, improving the quality of interactions throughout the session.

Learn more about activating this feature here:

We’ve Updated Our Live Stream Experience: To streamline and simplify our live streaming experience, we’ve incorporated live streaming into our live webinar interface. Now, you can now stream to YouTube or Facebook by hosting a live webinar, then clicking the streaming icons located on the top banner of the webinar room. Learn how to host live streams on BigMarker here:

You Can Now Upload Customized ICS Files to Your Confirmation Emails: BigMarker hosts can now add ICS files to their registration confirmation emails. This ensures that when an attendee registers for an event, the event is automatically blocked off on that attendee's online calendar, regardless of which email provider they are using. 

This reduces the likelihood of guests forgetting to sign in and, in turn, the number of no-shows at the event. 

Learn more about creating and uploading ICS files here:

You Can Now Offer Percentage-Based or Flat Discounts: Hosts can now offer discounts to attendees in the form of percentages or as flat dollar amounts. On BigMarker, hosts can offer discounts by creating one or several coupon codes, which guests redeem while completing their registration form. Learn more about selling tickets and monetizing  content on BigMarker here:

You Can Now Add Pre-Filled Values To Your Registration Forms: Hosts can now add pre-filled values to their guests' registration forms, so they're already completed when guests click onto the form. For example, you can add the registrant's name or job title to their registration form. This smoothes registration for attendees while also adding a more personalized touch when users sign up for the event. Learn how to add pre-filled values to BigMarker registration forms here:

We’ve Updated Our Date and Time Display Formats: Hosts can now display their session's run date in the Y/M/D format (e.g., 2021 June 22). They can also display their session's start time with the 12-hour clock or the 24-hour clock. 

Learn more about activating these features here:

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