January 2022 Product Updates


New this month: Studio enhancements, email updates and more.

Read on to catch up on everything we’ve shipped this month: 

You Can Now Stream Up To 64 Cameras: ​​We've introduced 64 Camera Mode, an optional streaming mode that supports 64 webcams at once. Combining the best of our other streaming modes, 64 Cameras results in better streaming quality while reducing CPU usage. This allows hosts to include more people in sessions with minimal disruptions.  

Note: This feature is currently in beta. We are consistently optimizing 64 Camera Mode and anticipate a full rollout this spring.

Use it when: You are hosting meetings, panels or other large sessions that require more than 10 people to use their microphones and webcams simultaneously. 

Toggle Between Classic and Studio Mode: Users will be able to use a toggle to choose between Classic Mode — our standard webinar room format —and Studio Mode, our broadcast-quality live video streaming experience. This allows hosts to select the streaming style and layout that best fits their needs. 

Note: This feature will be rolled out to all customers on January 31.

Use it when: You are hosting multiple events on your BigMarker channel, some of which require professional-quality streaming. 

Add Custom HTML To Your Event Emails: Hosts can now add custom HTML to their BigMarker emails. This allows hosts to better incorporate their company's branding into their emails and create more visually appealing invitations to their events. 

Note: Currently, this feature is reserved for Enterprise and Virtual Events customers. 

Registration Confirmation Emails Can Now Be Re-sent: Attendees can now have confirmation emails re-sent to the email address they used to register by visiting the landing page of the event. This helps attendees keep track of their registrations and retrieve their personalized entry link more quickly, therefore improving show-up rates to events.

Attendees can use this feature when: They need to retrieve their personalized entry link quickly before entering the event. 

You Can Now Customize Your Agenda Based On Custom Registration Fields: Hosts can use custom registration fields (like Job, Title, etc.) to elicit more specific information from attendees. Now, hosts can customize their agendas based on information that attendees submit via these custom registration fields. 

When this feature is enabled, attendees will only see sessions based on their assigned roles. So if someone indicates that they’re interested in software on their registration form, that person will only see sessions about software. This groups like-minded attendees and provides them with the most relevant content, while also gathering more actionable analytics for hosts. 

Note: Currently, this feature is reserved for Enterprise and Virtual Events customers.

Use it when: You are hosting a large thought leadership event featuring several tracks over multiple days. 

You Can Now Add a Block List for Specific Emails and Domains during Registration: To protect your event from spammers and unwelcome guests, you can now block specific email addresses and email domains from registering by adding them to a block list. 

On this list, you can manage exactly who can and cannot enter your event. You can add the email addresses and domains that are allowed to register to your events, as well as those are who are blocked from registering. (You can also add these email addresses/domains to your channel's settings so they carry over from event to event.) 

You Can Now Add Sub-navigation Menus And Social Sharing Links To Your Virtual Events: Hosts can now add sub-navigation menus and social sharing links to their event microsite's top navigation bar. Sub-navigation menus help guests discover content with the minimum amount of clicks, whereas social sharing links encourage guests to share the event's content on social media and increase the event's reach. 

Note: Currently, this feature is reserved only for Enterprise and Virtual Events customers.

Attendees Can Include Their TikTok and Facebook Profiles in their Virtual Event Profile: Attendees can now provide links to their TikTok and Facebook profiles while checking into virtual events on BigMarker. This information will appear in the attendee's profile whenever they interact with other attendees during the event. This encourages attendees to connect with one another after the event and facilitates networking. 

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