How to Achieve Your Event Goals With Customization


From getting personalized recommendations on Netflix to finding posts that are FOR YOU on your frighteningly specific TikTok algorithm, we’ve gotten used to having hyper-specific content at our fingertips. So it’s no surprise that event attendees expect more customized, personalized experiences than ever before. 

Customization is the process of creating personalized event experiences so it best reflects your brand’s core values. Sure, this means you should splash your logo onto your landing pages and host your event at your domain. 

But it goes beyond that: It’s about customizing the actual event experience (check-in, content, etc.) so that attendees are more engaged and find your event memorable. That holds true whether your event is virtual, in-person or hybrid (which includes virtual and live components). 

Through customization, you can: 

  • Reinforce your brand’s core values 
  • Build trust with your audience
  • Increase your event’s overall production quality
  • Provide tailored attendee experiences 
  • Improve value for sponsors 

TL;DR: Customization results in more successful event experiences.  Learn how to incorporate customization into your events below: 

How To Achieve Your Event Goals With Customization 

1. Host events on your own domain

Traditionally, if organizers wanted to host their event at their own URL, they’d need to build an event microsite. And if they used a virtual event platform, they’d need to host the event under the provider’s domain, which diminishes brand awareness and creates a less premium attendee experience.

When you use a white labeled event platform, you can host your webinars, virtual and hybrid events at your own domain, while still using your event platform’s infrastructure and developers. White labeling is more expensive than other options, but it’s a worthy investment for event professionals in 2022. Below are some of the biggest benefits of white labeling: 

Boost brand awareness: Because your brand’s name appears in the URL, white labeling is an easy way to improve brand awareness and recognition.

Reduce risk and increase quality: By using white labeling services, event hosts can transfer the risk associated with developing an event microsite to a trusted team of developers so you can focus on ROS and sponsor activations.

Improve security: With concerns over data privacy growing, white-label solutions help you build trust with potential registrants. (All automated emails are compliant with GDPR and CAN-SPAM guidelines.)

Control the look and feel of your event: White label solutions provide the maximum amount of customization and user control. Make your sessions, breakout rooms, roundtable discussions, networking rooms, etc., look exactly the way you want — instead of choosing from commonly used templates.

Create fully branded event badges: Print high-quality, highly-customized event badges in full-color, with full branding control. And by printing badges on-demand, you can accommodate changes to attendee names andother information on-site.

How does white labeling work on BigMarker? White-labeling enables event planners to launch event experiences that serve as true extensions of their brands.

We work with your team so all of your content — live webinars, on-demand webinars, registration pages, and more — lives on your URL and own mobile event app so you can own the customer experience. (You can also send invitations, confirmations, and transactional emails from that domain, so your branding carries over to your event communications.)

On BigMarker, event organizers can create their own mobile event app without needing to invest in a developer. (No coding necessary!) Attendees can then download it in the App Store and keep it on their phones pre-, during, and post-event.

2. Mix and match event technology

On hybrid, virtual and in-person event solutions, you can round out your sessions with many different modules, including networking centers, exhibitor halls, chat rooms, etc.

But what if you don’t need or want any of those extras? Previously, you’d have to settle for leaving half of those modules understaffed or half-complete, or stretch yourself too thin to fill out all of that space on your event platform.

But with BigMarker, you can mix and match between 15+ event modules, based on your needs, so you can create a one-of-a-kind event experience. So if you want to emphasize networking, but don’t need sponsorship booths, you can craft your event architecture to meet your needs. 

3. Earn more registrations with bespoke landing pages

Your landing page is the front of your event. It’s crucial to structure your landing page in a way that maximizes registrations, while also reflecting positively on your brand.

On BigMarker, you can choose between 15 templates or work with our team to create a brand new layout to fit your event vision and content needs to entice your audience to register.

Greet potential attendees with a fully branded landing page.

4. Customize your check-in flows:

So far, we’ve given you different ways to individualize the look and feel of your event site. But customization isn’t just about sleek landing pages. It’s also about providing more personalized experiences for your attendees. (One-size-fits-all experiences are so 2019.)

The more input attendees can control into their own experience at your event, the more satisfied they’ll be. And you can set that tone right away at check-in, whether you’re hosting a virtual, hybrid or fully in-person event. 

For instance, on BigMarker, you can send attendees through a virtual check-in flow immediately after registration or prior to your event kicking off. They can customize their event badge, connect social profiles, and answer questions defined by the event organizer.

During check-in, attendees can also enroll in the sessions that best align with their interests. So they can choose the sessions that make the most sense for you. (Sessions can be included in the attendees ticket price, or premium sessions can be added a la carte, so this can provide an extra revenue stream for you.) 

But events aren’t just about the content — it’s about the connections you can make. And if people are left to randomly network with the people around them, they may not meet the people they need to make a key sale or get their next job. So the more you can tailor your networking experiences to meet your audience’s individual needs, the more successful they’ll be.

All that is possible through AI-powered matchmaking. If you add matchmaking to your virtual check-in flow, you can capture each attendee's industry, function, interests, or other criteria. From there, our AI-powered matchmaking algorithm processes attendee interests and profile information — and uses it to match like-minded attendees with one another for networking.

Attendees can configure their matchmaking preferences at check-in.

5. Give attendees a warm welcome with an immersive lobby

The virtual lobby is your event’s main entryway or reception area. It plays an important role in navigation, helping attendees orient themselves and understand where they can go. You can completely customize the look and feel of your lobby with custom 2D and 3D options available. More than anything else, this replicates the look and feel of a live event.

This goes a long way toward making your virtual event feel like a true “event,” rather than a stale two-dimensional live stream. This primes attendees to interact more naturally and organically with one another throughout the rest of the day.

6. Optimize the layout and appearance of sessions

During live sessions, you can control not just the look of your room, but the presentation and layout of your content. This can have an outsize effect on the way your content resonates with your audiences. So it’s worth experimenting with different layout options – including lower thirds, captions, and different layouts — to see what works for your audience.

In BigMarker’s Studio, you can add unique backgrounds, overlays and logos to your stream. You can also add lower thirds and captions, then adjust the layout of your broadcast so your content can shine.  

A look inside BigMarker's studio

7. Deliver more value for sponsors

We’ve talked about how customization can benefit hosts and attendees. But sponsors can also integrate their logo, branding and colors into their virtual sponsorship booths. For instance, BigMarker offers a variety of templates for exhibitor booths, providing multiple ways for exhibitors to engage attendees, capture data, and activate the audience. 

Sponsors can also add custom design to the pop-up offers and handouts they distribute in their booths. This increases brand awareness and conversions among visitors — and maximizes their ROI from participating in your event. 

And when your sponsors succeed, you’re more likely to work with them again — and further increase your event budget. From there, you can invest in better content, grow your audience, attract even bigger sponsors and start a virtuous cycle of continual improvement. 

Do you have a specific vision for your next event? Email us at to discuss your customization needs with a BigMarker event expert.

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