February Product Updates


Catch up on everything we've shipped this month.

Read on to catch up on everything we’ve shipped this month: 

Studio Updates 

The Studio is now the default experience for all users!: You can still use a toggle to switch between our Studio and our classic webinar room. This allows hosts to easily alternate between modes, particularly if they are hosting a wide variety of events requiring varying levels of design and visual appeal.  

Note: This switch is currently enabled OFF on all channels. Beginning March 2022, this switch will be enabled ON. 

Integration Updates and Upgrades 

HubSpot Updates: Automatically map fields and create lists: You can now automatically map data fields and create lists on your HubSpot integration. We’ve also introduced Meeting Logs, which capture each individual guest’s engagement history on BigMarker and export it to HubSpot. 

Use it when: You want to capture overall and individual attendee data more quickly with less manual labor, then leverage it for faster follow-up from sales. 

Integrate Okta SSO with BigMarker: You can now synchronize your Okta Single Sign On account (SSO) with BigMarker, so you can easily add a single sign-on to your log-in and tighten the security of your events.

Note: Currently, this integration is reserved only for Enterprise and virtual events customers. 

Add Webinar Tags to Search for Events and Add to Integrations: You can now add webinar tags to your events. This allows you to label webinars so when your data flows to Salesforce, Marketo, etc., the tags will carry over to your system of record. Webinar tags can also be used as search filters for webinars on your channel, making it easier for attendees to find relevant sessions for their needs.

Note: Currently, this feature is reserved only for Enterprise and Virtual Events customers. 

Virtual Event Hosting Updates 

New! Test Environment for Virtual Event Walkthroughs: You can now conduct dry runs of your virtual events in a test environment, where you can experience the look, feel and flow of your virtual event microsite before the big day. This allows you to see how each part of your virtual event microsite is functioning and resolve any issues before going live. 

Note: Currently, this feature is reserved for Enterprise and Virtual Events customers. 

How to Create Your Virtual Event’s Media Hub: Virtual event hosts can now provide additional on-demand multimedia content, documents, videos and PDFs to their attendees with Media Hubs, an event module where you can publish content for months after your live event ends. This allows hosts to extend the shelf life of their event’s content and maximize their ROI. Hosts can also use Media Hubs as a central resource for attendees to get follow-up information about the event.

Learn how to set up your Media Hub here

Note: Currently, this feature is reserved only for Enterprise and Virtual Events customers. 

Now, Start PowerPoint Animations With One Click: Hosts can now begin rolling their Powerpoint animations with one click, which minimizes lagtime and maintains a natural flow to the presentation. 

Presenter Functionalities 

Resize Your Camera to Almost Full Screen: Presenters can now manually resize their cameras to full almost the full screen while presenting with slides. This places the emphasis on the presenter instead of the slides. 

Use it when: You are hosting a large event where you would like to highlight the Presenter over the presentation. 

Pin Presenter Cameras to the Right of Screen when using Slides: You can now pin your presenter's cameras to the right of their slide decks while they are speaking. This allows speakers to place the main focus on their presentation while remaining on camera. 

(Note: Only 9 presenter cameras can be pinned to the right of a presentation. All non-pinned presenters and attendees will appear below the presentation.)

Studio Update: Set a Timer in the Webinar Room: Hosts can now set a timer within the Studio room for presenters to reference throughout the presentation. This way, speakers can quickly see whether how much time is remaining, or whether they’ve gone over time, and better maintain the flow of the event. 

Note: Currently, this feature is reserved only for Enterprise and Virtual Events customers. 

Email Updates 

Add a Footer Description to Your Event Emails: You can now add a description and logo to the footer of your event emails, allowing you to further customize and/or add disclaimers to your event emails through BigMarker. 

You Can Now Use a Design Template for Emails: You can now create a uniform look for your automated emails with 4 templates, which you can use for your event's registration, reminder, post-webinar survey emails and more. This ensures that any communication with presenters, attendees and registrants looks consistent and aligns with your brand.

Other Updates 

Breakout Room Enhancements: Main Room Chat Panel and the Ability to Go Back to the Main Room: Each of our breakout rooms now include the chat panel from the main session room, so hosts can provide updates to all attendees with only one message instead of manually putting the message in each individual room. Attendees can also move freely between the breakout room and the main room, giving them more agency over their experience at your event.

You Can Now View All Your Registrants to Your Channel on Your Channel Settings: You can now see a full list of registrants for all of your channel’s events on your channel’s Settings page. There, you can view channel-wide registrant data in one central place. 

Add Closed Captions to Evergreen Webinars: Closed captions are now available in 11 languages for evergreen webinars. We also offer downloadable text files of closed captions, so you can download, edit and correct the captions for your evergreen and on-demand webinars if necessary. 

Note: Currently, this feature is reserved for Enterprise and virtual event customers. 

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