Elevate Your Webinars and Virtual Events With Studio


With BigMarker’s Studio, streaming professionally-produced talks, presentations, and interviews has never been easier. In an easy-to-use interface, you can host broadcast-quality sessions in minutes, adjust your stream’s layout and engage with your audience — and do it all from your browser.

(Note: Studio will be the default streaming mode for all channels on BigMarker starting March 1, 2022. However, you can still manually switch to our classic webinar room mode if desired.)

1. Host polished broadcasts from your browser

Traditionally, you’d need to hire an outside video production company to add customized imaging — like lower thirds and different layouts — to your stream.

100% browser-based and easy to use, our Studio is is designed specifically for marketers, event managers and learning designers, with no advanced video production skills required. Ease your audience’s experience while also sparing the time and expense of hiring video editors.

2. Create flexible video layouts

The presentation of your content can have an outsized impact on audience satisfaction and retention.

For instance, you may want to adjust the camera size to emphasize active speakers on a panel. Or change the aspect ratio of streaming windows. Or change the stream’s layout to accommodate additional slide decks, screen sharing, etc. All of this is possible — and easy! — in the Studio.

During sessions, you can control video layouts to make your production visually appealing, whether you’re hosting a single keynote speaker, a side-by-side fireside chat, or a panel discussion.

Better yet, you make changes on the fly during your presentation (so if your speaker changes jobs right before your big day, you don’t have to send 10 emails to your third-party video editor to adjust that speaker’s lower third accordingly).

3. Customize your broadcast for your brand

You’ve poured enough labor and love into creating a beautiful event broadcast. So you deserve the chance to showcase your brand while you’re at it. 

BigMarker’s customization options help you highlight your brand in every element of your stream.

Different branding opportunities within your broadcast include adding the following to your stream:

  1. Logo
  2. Brand Colors
  3. Custom Session Backgrounds
  4. Custom Virtual Backgrounds 
  5. Lower Thirds
  6. Captions

4. Seamlessly integrate sponsors into your stream

With more customization options come more potential ad placements — and happy sponsors.Place ad banners below the streaming window as well as on the full-screen overlay or upload a custom background with your sponsor’s logo. 

5. Engage attendees with polls, Q&A, and offers:

Involve your audience in the conversation with all of the features available in our classic webinar room including: public and private chats, Q&A upvoting, lucky draw, emojis, polls and breakout sessions, then activate them with pop-up offers.

(PS: You can also add your logo and branding to offers in the Studio.) 

6. Reduce risk and simplify hosting with automation

During the presentation, you need to monitor not just your audience’s reaction, but the look and feel of your stream, the presenters’ microphones and cameras, and oh right, the actual presentation itself.

When you automate your Studio presentation, you can create a timeline for your presentation in advance, so each element of your session— your videos, audio, poll questions, Q&As, etc. — rolls out to attendees exactly when you want.

Just preload your content to our platform, create your timeline, and let the magic happen. 

Note: You can also keep track of your remaining time with a timer along the top bar of the webinar room (however, you will need to manually enable the timer on your channel). 

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