December Product Updates


Catch up on our latest platform updates.

Catch up on everything we’ve shipped this month: 

You Can Now Provide Certificates of Completion: You can now grant certificates of completion, which attendees can use to verify that they attended your event.

Use it when: You want to give credit for continuing education units (CEUs) to members of industry associations that require an annual number of professional development (PD) hours (e.g., doctors, lawyers, engineers, HR professionals, etc.). We recommend granting certificates only when your curriculum is supported by a certifying organization or company. 

Note: Certificates are reserved for Enterprise and Virtual Events customers only. If you're interested in using certificates for your event, please contact your BigMarker Account Manager. 

You Can Now Send On-Screen Push Notifications During Live and Evergreen Webinars: Previously, push notifications were displayed in specific areas of the virtual event microsite (the Agenda, Networking Center, Lobby, etc.). 

Now, you can display push notifications on the screen during both live and evergreen webinars. This way, hosts can send push notifications to attendees while they are in a session, thus communicating relevant information to attendees more quickly and efficiently. 

Use it when: You want to broadcast important information to as many attendees as possible. You can also use on-screen push notifications to direct guests to sponsor booths, link to an offer during a session, or tell attendees where to go once the session ends. 

We’ve Updated Our Analytics for Coupon Codes: Coupon codes are now included in their own dedicated tab in our post-event analytics reports. 

Use it when: You want to evaluate the success of your coupon codes and attribute success to individual marketing campaigns. 

Hosts Are Now Notified When Presenter Cam/Mics Are Not On: Speakers who denied camera and microphone permissions in their browsers are now identified by a warning sign next to their name in the live webinar room. This allows hosts to immediately identify and troubleshoot issues before going live. 

This feature is automatically enabled when: You are requesting access to presenters’ cameras and microphone. You will now immediately see that the presenter cannot turn their microphone and camera on. From there, you can contact the speaker directly or contact our team to troubleshoot the issue more quickly. 

You Can Now Create Presenters-Only Exit URLs: After their session ends, presenters can use their own exit URL to proceed to a separate room without attendees. 

Use it when: You want to meet with your presenters to reflect on the session or give them a private space to prepare for their next one.

Hosts Can Now Add Required Fields to Post-Webinar Surveys: Hosts of live webinars can now distribute post-webinar surveys for attendees to fill out before the session ends. Additionally, they can provide links to external surveys for attendees to complete. 

Hosts can capture audience sentiment via 5-star and 1-10 scale ratings, multiple choice questions, long and short answer responses and more — all before their event ends. This maximizes survey response rates and helps generate more accurate and actionable data. 

Use it when: You want to collect mandatory information in a post-webinar survey before the end of a session (e.g. feedback on a speaker or session topic.). 

​​You Can Now Add Custom Chat Rooms to the Chat Panel: Hosts can now add individual chat rooms in the Chat Panel to separate chats as needed. This allows hosts to create separate presenters-only chats from attendee chats and create different discussion rooms for specific topics. 

Use it when: You want to communicate with multiple presenters in real time during the session. Also consider creating different sub-topic chat rooms for attendee interaction and networking. 

You Can Now Edit Automated Chats in the Video Player for On-Demand Webinars: Admins can now add and edit automated chats to their On-Demand recordings. These appear as chat bubbles on screen during the session. 

This allows hosts to extend the shelf life of their content and engage viewers after the event has occurred. Hosts can also use automated chats to call out specific questions, calls to action, etc. 

Use it when: You want to communicate more timely information and updates to attendees after your  on-demand recording has been published. 

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