Brand New on BigMarker: Picture-in-Picture and More


This month, we’ve introduced more features that will strengthen our user experience and lead generation capabilities—and help you grow your business through online events. Read on for more information about each update and how they can improve your next event.

Attendees Can Now Use Multiple Picture-in-Picture Displays To Navigate Virtual Events: Picture-in-picture (PIP) is a feature of some TV receivers and online platforms. One program is displayed on the full screen while one or more other programs are displayed in inset windows (e.g., smaller screens in a corner of the main page).

Virtual event hosts can now use multiple PIP displays, so attendees can navigate to other event modules via 2 PIP displays in addition to viewing the main screen. This gives attendees the ability to multitask and visit sponsor booths they'd have otherwise missed in favor of main event sessions.

Want to use multiple PIP displays at your BigMarker event? Contact your Account Manager to request this new feature. (Note: This feature is reserved for virtual event customers.) 

Multiple picture-in-picture displays let attendees visit several event modules at the same time.

Attendees Can Now Share their Screens and Slides During Sessions: Hosts now have the option to allow attendees to share their own screens and slide decks during sessions, which facilitates greater audience engagement and interaction. Once this feature is active, attendees can share PDF presentations and their own screen using the multimedia control panel on the top of the webinar room screen, in the same way that presenters and admins share their screens/slides. Learn more about this feature here

You Can Now Create External Registration Links For Your Sessions: Note: This feature is available for enterprise customers only. External registration links allow hosts to collect registrations for their BigMarker session via another link. For example, hosts may want to collect registrations on their own corporate website for marketing purposes or greater visibility. Learn more about this feature here.

You Can Now Disable Registration For Your Session Until Its Start Time: For security reasons, hosts may want to restrict registration for their webinar or virtual event session. Hosts can now disable registration for their sessions until the webinar room has opened. Learn more about feature here.

You Can Now Use Filters In Your Virtual Event Expo Hall: Note: This feature is available only to virtual event clients. Attendees can now use sorting filters to identify and visit the most relevant exhibitor booths for their needs. Learn how to add filters to your Expo Hall here.

You Can Now Display Custom Registration Form Values in Your Session's Chat: Hosts now have the option to display custom registration field values in the chat panel of their sessions. This allows participants to learn about one another more quickly and identify potentially valuable connections among the crowd. Learn how to activate this feature here.

You Can Now Add Conditional Logic to Registration Forms: Note: This feature is available for enterprise and virtual event customers only. Conditional registration fields appear only when a qualifying answer has been submitted in the previous field (so "state" will only appear if a guest has answered "USA"). This specificity allows hosts to qualify leads and inform their marketing strategies more efficiently. Learn more about activating this feature here

You Can Now Upload MP3 Audio Files to Your Session's Waiting Room: BigMarker hosts are now able to play audio mp3 files in their webinar's waiting room, giving audience members music to pass the time until their session begins. Note: We strongly recommend adding disclaimer text stating that you do not own the rights to the music you play (if applicable).  Learn more about activating this feature here.

We've Added New Templates for Webinar and Virtual Event Landing Pages: We've created new templates for our webinar and virtual event landing pages. Choose between 15 layouts, each with distinctive formats—and all fully customizable for your brand's needs.

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