August Product Updates


Upgrade your hosting game with our latest product updates.

Here at BigMarker, our goal is to help you grow your business with high-impact webinars, videos and online events.

See the latest product updates and improvements from the BigMarker team below:  

We’ve Rolled Out Our Hybrid Event Solution: The event landscape has changed—and event tech needs to evolve with it. That’s why we're rolling out a digital, mobile-first solution that creates elevated event experiences for attendees, whether they’re in-person or virtual.

Here’s what you can expect from BigMarker hybrid events

📱 Branded mobile companion app: It’s your event, not ours. Each event gets its own custom-branded mobile app, so attendees can find you by name and see on their home screen year-round. 

📈  Simplified check-in, tracking & attendee analytics: You're managing two experiences within the same event. Why create more work for yourself? Registration, check-in, on-demand badge printing, and scanning are all built-in to the event app, so you can manage all parts of the attendee experience in one place.

💡 AI-driven networking: 81% of event organizers say that networking capabilities are a key contributor to audience satisfaction of hybrid events. So empower your guests to network more effectively with our AI-powered connection recommendations, speed networking, an attendee directory, and chat.

🗣️ Attendee engagement: In-person attendees can join sessions from their phones, you won’t have to turn people away from a full room. Both in-person + virtual attendees can contribute to live Q&A, unifying the digital + IRL experience while giving moderators a feed of top-rated questions to pull from. 

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You Can Now Create Templates for Live Webinars: Tired of inputting the Same. Exact. Settings into your webinars, over and over again? With our new live webinar templates, hosts can now save their preferred settings and pre-loaded content, then use them in future sessions. 

You Can Now Use Virtual Backgrounds On BigMarker: Clutter in the background? No problem, thanks to our new virtual backgrounds. Presenters and attendees can now use one of our virtual backgrounds during sessions—or upload a video or image of their choice.

You Can Now Use Closed Captioning for On-Demand Webinars: Provide more accessible on-demand sessions with closed captioning. BigMarker customers using enterprise plans can now enable closed captioning in on-demand webinars that are delivered in English. Captions are available in 10 different languages, including Chinese, Spanish, French and German. 

Presenters Can Now Keep Their Cameras On When They’re Off Screen: Host more seamless panel discussions with our new camera upgrades. Presenters can now leave their cameras running in the background even when they are off of the attendees’ views. This way, moderators can take different presenters on and off screen, without waiting for each one to manually start their camera again. 

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