August Product Updates


Read on to catch up on everything we’ve shipped this month: 

New Customizations 

New Modular Attendee View Updates:

Take your attendee experience to the next level with new updates to our Modular Attendee View. Event Admins can now: 

  • Show or hide the engagement panel (and change the justification of the panel) 
  • Create custom preset module layouts 
  • Access a unique dashboard where you can customize the layout and add branding before the webinar starts
  • Select Modular View when creating a webinar and on the event’s settings

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Add HotKeys to create a seamless live event:

Utilize preset keystrokes that presenters and admins can use within a live event to streamline the experience for attendees with a few quick clicks. These pre-settings include your most common commands, such as turning on and off your cameras and starting and stopping slides. 

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Prioritize Q&A to answer your attendees’ most sought after questions:

Allow your Moderators and Admins to mark which submitted questions are priority, so your Presenters can better facilitate discussions, moderate incoming questions and ensure the most popular questions are answered.

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Custom Registration Field Updates: Descriptions, Labels and Checkboxes:

Fully customize your custom registration fields to fit any event branding or messaging. You can: 

  • Add descriptions to clarify certain fields 
  • Add labels to provide disclaimers 
  • Use Radio/Checkboxes instead of drop-downs to give your lists a unique look and feel 

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Grant Exceptions to your Email Block or Allow List:

Use either our email block or allow list to make exceptions for specific email addresses. Make bulk uploads of email addresses and grant a select few to either not be able to register or register for your event. 

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Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Event Hosting Updates 

Purchase multiple tickets and assign them to separate registrants all in one purchase:

Event Hosts can streamline event check-in and ticket purchases for registrants by buying multiple tickets and assigning them to individual registrants under one transaction. You can: 

  • Buy multiple tickets in one purchase 
  • Assign them to individual registrants 
  • Send ticket confirmation emails to each registrant

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Attendees can now access all of their events in your Companion App:

Attendees can now switch back and forth between multiple events  in your mobile Companion App. They can now easily navigate between events and keep current with your upcoming event announcements while staying connected with other attendees in past events. 

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Integration Updates and Upgrades 

Sync Google G-Suite as a Single-Sign On (SSO) Solution:

Add an extra level of security to your channel by syncing your Google G-Suite with BigMarker. This aligns all your platform’s sign on solutions with BigMarker. 

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Export live attendee data every 5 minutes with Salesforce:

Continuously export attendee data from BigMarker to Salesforce in 5 minute intervals.  When active, BigMarker syncs Salesforces with live attendee data every 5 minutes, allowing your marketing and sales teams to stay on top of event activity and audience engagement. 

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