Product Update

Add Interactive Elements to On-Demand Videos

Customize your video player logo and branding. Then, add lead gen, polls, handouts, Q&A, and pop-up offers.

Your on-demand videos just got a lot more interactive.

One consistent piece of feedback we've received from webinar hosts has been, "One of the things I like most about hosting live webinars on BigMarker is the ability to engage my audience with the interactive tools the platform gives me. It would be great if you gave us the ability to plug those same interactive tools into our on-demand videos." We're excited to announce that now, you can. BigMarker has been working hard to enhance its on-demand video player, adding the ability to share many of the interactive elements you know and love from live webinars into your webinar recordings and other on-demand videos.

Now, you can engage on-demand video viewers with the following interactive elements, and automatically push the data generated to your favorite CRM and marketing platforms:

  • Polls: Ask your audience questions, capture data from them, and update their CRM profiles automatically as data comes in.
  • Handouts: Give your audience the ability to download presentations, white papers, and other supporting documents.
  • Q&A: Give your audience the ability to ask questions right from the video player. Questions are forwarded to you automatically.
  • Pop-up Offers: Pop-up calls to action at just the right moment in your video, giving viewers a nudge to take the next step, whether your offer is a demo, free trial, or appointment.

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