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Webinar Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Webinar Marketing shares what we’ve learned over 10 years working with the world’s most successful webinar marketers. It provides an introductory guide to growing your audience—and your business—using webinars and video.

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Over three-quarters of Fortune 500 companies host webinars for one simple reason: webinars fuel growth through inbound marketing, customer onboarding, and customer engagement.

With the right planning and execution, webinars can play a valuable role at each stage of the funnel. At the top of the funnel (the Awareness stage), webinars can help you introduce products and services to new audiences, and position your company as a thought leader in your space. In the middle of the funnel (the Consideration stage), webinars can help you build relationships and trust. At the bottom of the funnel (the Decision stage), webinars give you a chance to deliver more specific content and create opportunities to earn to a resounding “yes!”

No matter where in the buyer journey you’re using webinars, you’re probably measuring is the number of people who register, show up, and ultimately engage with your events. These metrics are leading indicators of number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) you’re delivering, directly impacting sales.

The great thing about being in the webinar software business is that we have access to a ton of data. Having hosted webinars with thousands of companies, we have a sense of the tactics that drive the greatest returns on investment for webinar hosts.

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