Interactive Video Player

Host videos in your own branded player

BigMarker's video player goes beyond just serving content in HD. By building in interactive elements like Lead Forms, Polls, Offers, and Q&A,  it engages your audience, captures data, and drives action.

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Take control of your video playback experience

Customize your video player with your branding, CTAs, and more. Embed your video player anywhere, with smooth playback on any device, without the distractions of YouTube ads or recommended content.

Get more mileage out of your content

Repurpose webinars, live streams, and virtual event sessions as on-demand replays. Embed your branded video player into your website's resources center to get more views and generate more leads over time.

Capture valuable data & drive action

Capture data and drive action by embedding Polls, Handouts, Q&A, and Offers into your video player. Automatically push the data generated to your CRM or marketing automation system.

Player Branding

Customize your video player

Customize BigMarker's video player to create an on-brand experience. Add your logo and customize the player's theme colors.


Capture data with Polls

Add Polls to your videos to ask qualifying questions, capture feedback, or check your audience's understanding.

DealRoom's Marketing team uses polls to give Sales highly-qualify leads, so they can spend less time qualifying, and more time selling.

Invite viewers to dive deeper with Handouts

Give your audience the opportunity to dive deeper into your expertise and solutions. Provide valuable content they can share with their team, keeping your content close by, even after they're done watching.


Capture & push questions to your CRM and Slack

Capture questions from viewers as they're watching. Forward them to your CRM, or a Slack channel, so you can respond in real-time.


Push viewers to the next step with Offers

Push viewers to the next step in the customer journey. Drive actions like downloads, appointments, demos, free trial signups, or even product sales.


Track, measure, and optimize everything

Every second watched, every click, and every action are tracked, so you know exactly which viewers are your hottest leads, most engaged employees, or best students.

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