Marketing & training on auto-pilot

Run pre-recorded webinars just like they're live. Activate your audience with less manual effort.

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Automate Marketing

Embed automated webinars onto your website to capture visitors who need more convincing before buying.

Automate Selling

Use automation to host presentations and demos more frequently, without manual incremental work.

Automate Onboarding

Create an automated yet interactive onboarding process that scales to any number of learners.

Automate Marketing

Automate lead generation and qualification

By pre-recording a presentation and publishing it as an evergreen webinar, you can create a steady stream of prospects into the top of your funnel. By using lead forms and polls, you can capture data that gets pushed to Salesforce, Hubspot, and dozens of other platforms automatically.

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Automate Selling

Automate product demos. Drive self-service purchases.

Evergreen webinars enable you to host manual, repetitive events like product demos on auto-pilot. Send prospects to an evergreen webinar to dive deeper into your product, and use the Pop-up Offers feature to convert them into paying customers.

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Automate Onboarding

Automate customer, employee, and partner onboarding

Customize BigMarker's video player to create an on-brand viewer experience. Add your logo to the bottom-right corner, and add two brand colors: a more muted one on the bottom control bar, and a more vibrant one for the progress bar and play button.

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Q&A Relay

Answer attendee questions in real time, without being there

Automatically forward questions from evergreen webinar attendees to your phone via SMS, Push Notification, or Slack. Respond to audience questions as they come in, providing a great experience without having to sit in a webinar all day.

Everything you can do in a live webinar, you can automate

Play pre-recorded presentations to simulate a live talk

Send pre-programed chats and polls

Post handouts: files that attendees can download

Send offers: Pop-up calls to action

Program your timeline. Events trigger automatically.

Every aspect of your webinar becomes pre-set, removing stress and room for error. Automation increases quality, as your best take is the one being presented. It also frees you from manually presenting, so you can focus on your audience.

How are people using Automated Webinars?

Marketing & Lead Gen

Generate, nurture, and convert more leads with engaging content.

Onboarding & Training

Activate customers, giving them the knowledge they need to succeed.

Selling & Monetization

Build automated sales funnels that generate business, around the clock.

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