What is BigMarker?

BigMarker helps you grow faster with webinars & video

BigMarker is the #1-rated platform to create, distribute, and build traction with live, on-demand, and automated webinar content.

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Live Webinars

Host reliable, customizable webinars for marketing, selling, and training.

Modern webinar software helps you maximize registration, attendance, and engagement rates, shining the spotlight on your brand, so you can create more loyal fans.

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Conversion-optimized webinar hosting

Everything is optimized to maximize your live webinar's show-up rate: from landing pages, to battle-tested email sequences, to no download live events.

Powerful tools to engage your audience

Interactive tools help you capture rich data and drive action with polls, embeddable quizzes and surveys, handouts, Q&A, and pop-up offers.

Integrations with every major CRM & MAS

BigMarker offers seamless native integrations with the leading CRM, marketing, email, and learning systems, that you can configure in minutes.

"BigMarker has been an excellent experience for us over 40 live webinars, and counting. We've used a ton of webinar software tools before, but now we are all in on BigMarker."

Kelly M., e-Learning Company President (Verified Capterra Review)

BigMarker is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Capterra

BigMarker earned 4.8/5 for Ease of Use & 4.9/5 for Customer Service

On-Demand Video

Host videos. Embed them anywhere. Generate data & drive conversions with our interactive player.

Like other video players, BigMarker's is embeddable, and serves HD videos with adaptive bitrates. But it does so much more, building in interactive features like Lead Forms, Polls, Offers, and Q&A, so you can engage your audience, capture data, and drive action.

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Customize your video player branding

BigMarker's embeddable video player gives you complete branding control, putting your brand front and center.

Capture & push questions to your CRM and Slack

Generate leads and capture valuable data from viewers by enabling them to ask questions right from the video player.

Push viewers to the next step with Offers

Overlay offers on top of your videos at just the right moment to generate leads, appointments, downloads, trials, or even sales.

"BigMarker's customizations make it easy to adapt to various scenarios. It's easy to use and the team's constantly making improvements. I haven't seen a more responsive team...they take feedback seriously and are very open to suggestions."

Shade O., Marketing Strategist & Online Course Creator (G2 Verified Review)

BigMarker is the #1-rated Webinar Software on G2

Reviewers rate BigMarker 98% for Meets Requirements and Ease of Use, and a 99% for Ease of Doing Business

Webinar & Video Marketing

Grow your audience faster with powerful marketing tools built around your webinars & videos.

Promote, manage, and measure the impact of your webinars and videos. Built-in marketing and analytics tools help you extend the reach of your content, build your brand, and double down on the tactics that work best.

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Customize 15+ landing page templates

Don't pay for a landing page builder. BigMarker has one built in. Customize registration forms, sell tickets & accept payment.

Embed forms to maximize registration rates

Use webinars and videos as lead magnets. Turn website visitors into attendees of live webinars or automated/evergreen demos.

Automate emails to maximize show-up rates

Our optimized email invitations, confirmations, and reminder sequences help users increase their show-up rate by up to 50%.

"I have used many of the major platforms, and then started using BigMarker. BigMarker has replaced at least three other tools I was using, saving me money in the long run. They also just keep developing new features and providing more value! Moving to BigMarker is one of the best business decisions I've ever made."

Sharon W., President, People Development Company (Capterra Verified Review)

Webinar Automation

Deliver webinars on auto-pilot. Engage audiences without being there.

Build highly interactive webinars, then set them on auto-pilot. They'll run themselves, reducing the risks of broadcasting live, and freeing you up to focus on your audience.

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Pre-record and pre-load your content

Pre-load every aspect of your webinar, including your presentation, chats, polls, offers, and handouts, so they can be delivered in the webinar automatically.

Program your webinar's automated timeline

Program events to trigger during the webinar at precisely the right time, like magic, replicating the real-time and immersive environment of programming that's delivered live.

Automate live or evergreen webinars

Once your automation is set up, use it in a live webinar to automate the presentation, freeing time to focus on the audience. Or use it in an evergreen webinar.

Evergreen Webinars

Create evergreen flows to automate customer acquisition and onboarding.

Build highly interactive webinars, then set them on auto-pilot. Point traffic to them, and they'll do the heavy lifting, pushing leads down the funnel, activating customers, and onboarding new employees for you, like magic.

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Automate Marketing

Promote thought leadership focused evergreen webinars on your website, LinkedIn, or Google Ad landing page as a powerful top-of-funnel tactic that automates lead generation.

Automate Sales

Embed evergreen product demos and other bottom-of-funnel tactics to generate valuable prospect data, deliver offers, and convert website visitors into paying customers.

Automate Onboarding

Embed evergreen training webinars into your customer activation flow to successfully onboard new customers, create a personalized touch, and drive product adoption.

BigMarker is rated 4.82 out of 5 stars on GetApp

97% of reviewers say they would recommend BigMarker to a colleague

Live Streaming & Webcasting

Host large scale town halls, trainings & events.

Stream webinars or IRL (in-real-life) events to large audiences on your website, Facebook Live, and YouTube. With lead gen, interactive features, analytics, and monetization built in.

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Make any talk an interactive broadcast

Easily stream a DSLR camera, RTMP stream, or webcam into BigMarker, without complex equipment.

Engage online attendees like they’re in the room

Empower the folks at home to participate by asking and upvoting questions. You can even invite anyone on screen.

Reach your audience on Facebook & YouTube

Simulcast your event on your branded BigMarker page, Facebook page, and YouTube channel to maximize reach.

“BigMarker has helped us grow our webcast audience substantially. In a few short months, we went from an audience of 20 to 100... and now we reach over 16,000 people at the same time. It just works.”

Jake Berg, Co-founder of Dubsado, and BigMarker customer for over 3 years

Web Summits & Series

Inspire, convert, or onboard people with a video-based series, course, or web summit.

Create, promote, deliver, and monetize one-day or multi-day series, courses, or summits.... built on top of live webinars, evergreen webinars, or on-demand videos.

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Build your brand by hosting a web summit

Host an online summit to showcase your company's  thought leadership and authority. Partner with complementary brands to cross-pollinate and increase your reach

Create an onboarding site or customer university

Onboard customers, employees, or partners with a video-based training site. Give people the information they need to be successful, in an easily digestible format, all in one place.

Keep customers engaged with valuable content

Host a Best Practices series, showcasing how customers are solving specific problems. Create continued value, and keep your brand relevant to engage and retain customers over time.

All-in-one pricing

BigMarker offers simple annual or month-to-month pricing, including unlimited access to all products and features.

Industry-leading reliability

BigMarker is rated #1 in reliability by users. It's the only platform built from the ground up for interacting with large audiences.

Industry-leading support

BigMarker is rated #1 in support by users. Our team works around the clock, offering live chat and email support that works for you.

Major CRM integrations

BigMarker offers integrations with every major marketing and email platform, so you can connect to the tools you already use.

Robust compliance

BigMarker offers GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliance solutions. Please talk to our team to discuss your specific requirements.

Robust content protection

BigMarker offers digital rights management protections, so you can be confident your content and intellectual property are safe.

What can BigMarker do for you?

Marketing & Lead Gen

Generate, nurture, and convert more leads with engaging webinar and video content.

Onboarding & Training

Activate customers, giving them the knowledge they need to succeed.

Customer Engagement

Build stronger relationships through good old fashioned face time.

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