Interactive Live Streaming

Engage people at home like they're in the same room

Stream in-real-life events to audiences on your website, Facebook, and YouTube. With lead gen, interactive, and monetization tools built in.

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Extend any talk, town hall, workshop, keynote, or presentation into an online conference

BigMarker’s webinar software makes it easy to reach thousands more people by bringing your in-real-life events online.


Engage up to 10,000 attendees like they’re in the room

Engagement features like Q&A, polls, handouts, and chat create an interactive experience for online attendees. And with no limits on number of presenters in the webinar, you can call anyone from the audience on-screen to join the discussion.

No need for complex equipment

BigMarker’s webinar platform handles the broadcast & recording, so whether you’re using professional A/V equipment or a basic camcorder, it’s as easy as plugging in and pressing play.

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Everything you need to host online events

More than just a live webinar platform, BigMarker gives you landing pages, full-featured registration, customized email invitations and reminders, and monetization tools — everything you need to make your event a success.